The pistachio (alfoncigo or alfónsigo) is a plant that does not produce fruits for consumption in itsefl. So if we want to get the fruit of the pistachio, it must be grafted

Therefore, the pistachio is composed of two parts:

Of the two of them, there are many varieties, and depending on which you choose, you will obtain one or another product, with different organoleptic characteristics, size or performance.

Therefore, obtaining optimum production, both in quantity as in quality of the dry fruit, required to make a good choice of root-stock and grafted tree to best suits the geographical area where your plantation of pistachio will be placed.

In this choice we will need to take into account, among other factors both, lithological and existing climatic conditions. At Bioluz, as specialized in pistachio cultivation, we can therefore advise you to make the decision with the best information on your hand.