Personal Data Protection Policy

In this section of the policy of protection of personal data, visitors to (the "Web site") are mentioned as "you" and "your". Bioluz is a registered trade name owned by the international society of electric production Bioluz, S.l. with registered office at C / cedro, 9, 28110 Algete (Madrid), kindly ask you to carefully read this policy of protection of personal data, as when you purchase or register at our web site, it will be assumed that you already have read and accepted this privacy policy as well as our terms and conditions (comprising "the contract").

Bioluz is committed to protecting your privacy and security and guarantees that all information that get and always use will be kept, used and transmitted in accordance with all the rules applicable to the protection of data. This section explains our privacy policy and how to use your data.

1. What information keeps Bioluz about you?

  • Personal and demographic information: when you fill out the request for information or purchase form, Bioluz collects your personal information, for example, your name, address, telephone number,… (what we call "Personal information").

2. Why Bioluz keeps your information?
       The Personal information and operations about you can be used:

  • To send you may information periodically;
  • To ensure that our product will arrive properly and make a proper follow-up of the product/service.

3. How does Bioluz use your information?

  • Bioluz, SL. It will not share, rent, sell or facilitate in any way personal information to to third parties, without your express permission.
  • Bioluz, SL. can reveal Personal, demographic information and operations: (i) to our business partners, our subsidiaries and the companies of our group, that it only be used to provide services to Bioluz; or (go) to a third party to help it to carry out its functions and to treat or analyze these data. Each of these parties undertakes not to use, share or resell this data.
  • Bioluz, SL. will only publish Personal information, demographic or operations within the framework of judicial investigations or other legal proceedings if it were required in some other way in accordance with the law.
  • Bioluz, SL. can acquire, sell or divest their businesses, assets or shares. As part of such transactions, Personal information, demographic or operations about you may be transmitted to the successor in title of Bioluz, SL.
  • The Personal, demographic information or of operations about you may be transmitted outside the area of the European economic community in accordance with what is specified in this section 3.

4. What measures of security apply to the information we have on you?

  • For Bioluz, SL. It is very important to keep your information safe. Therefore it has implemented security measures to prevent loss, misuse or alteration of your Personal information, demographic and operations. In the agreement of any person authorized to access your Personal information, demographic and operations figure the obligation to maintain the confidentiality of the information and the prohibition explicit of using it for any purpose other than the services carried out for Bioluz, SL.
  • At any time, you can put in contact with Bioluz, SL., send an e-mail to in accordance with the rights that assist you according to the law of protection of personal data, to request a copy of all or any of your personal, demographic data and operations to Bioluz, SL. keeps about you. You may also request to update or correct their data, or that give you unsubscribe from the mailing list. Bioluz, SL. It will be possible to provide you with the requested information.