Legal conditions

By clicking on send, you agree to the General conditions of Bioluz, SL. Also accept the policy of protection of personal data, we understand that if you do not agree to the terms of use of this web site you will click Cancel to stop the process. You must therefore read carefully and understand all the clauses that make it up before buying or request information.

1 Quality of Information

  • You agree to provide complete, real, truthful and current information about yourself. If any of the information provided by us is untrue or incomplete, Bioluz, SL. reserves the right to complete the transaction or respond to the issues raised. 

2 Services

  • Bioluz, SL. It does not guarantee or be responsible for delivery services are available outside the Spanish territory.  
  • Bioluz, SL. reserves the right to terminate your access to our website temporarily or permanently without prior notice.

3 Intellectual property

  • Bioluz, SL. only uses the information of personal or operational nature to the objectives of its corporate purpose.
  • You agree not to store, copy, reproduce, transmit, publish or modify in any way or in any form, any of the content or information published on this web site, without exception.

4 The use of the Services

  • You warrant that any content that you submit to Bioluz, S.L. (well through the web site or otherwise) is not defamatory, libelous or unlawful.
  • You agree to not create and/or introduce into the services any virus, Trojan or any other contaminating or destructive program.
  • Our website may include pictures or hyperlinks to third parties. Access to this material is subject to the approval of such third parties. Bioluz, SL. do not control and is not responsible for their content of these third party materials. Inclusion in Bioluz, of third party material does neither imply approval nor any further association with these third parties.
  • Bioluz, reserves the right to remove this material/link from our web site without prior notice. Also Bioluz, SL. Reserves the right to delete without notice or cancel the total or partial access to it from our web site.

5 Relations with third parties

  • Bioluz, SL. It is neither an actor nor an agent of any third party named or linked in our services and it has no authority to act on your behalf.
  • Your correspondence, transaction or any other relationship or dealings with third parties established through our service, including, but not limited to payment or delivery of goods or services or any other terms, conditions, warranties or requests associated with such dealings, are exclusive of the user and third parties. Bioluz, SL. It will not intervene in relation to any dispute you may have with any third party.
  • Bioluz, SL. Is he not responsible for the content, advertising, products or any other material available on third parties.

6 Term of this agreement

  • Without prejudice to any remedy that Bioluz, can be filed against the user, this can be discreetly, suspend without notice and with immediate access to and use of its services to any user. The reasons why Bioluz, SL. You can take this decision, although not in an exclusive way are as follows:

    6.1.1 Suspicion of fraudulent, abusive or illegal activity.
    6.1.2 Unable to determine the veracity of any information provided; or 
    6.1.3 Founded considers that you have missed any of the terms of this agreement.
  • In case that you have any objection to the terms of this agreement or its subsequent changes, or is dissatisfied with the service in any aspect, you agree that your only recourse is to immediately discontinue your relationship with us going to us by e-mail at information

7. General

  • Bioluz, reserves the right to totally or partially modify the content of this agreement without prior notice. These modifications will be notified through our web site and shall be immediately applicable. Your continued use of any portion of the web site after the modifications will constitute your acceptance of the same test. If you disagree with any or all modifications must cease the use of Bioluz, SL. By communicating it at
  • Bioluz, SL. Reject exert or force the application of any law in this contract, does not constitute a precedent and should not be understood as a denial of this right. If any of the rights in this contract was declared illegal by the competent court, this fact will not affect the rest of written principles.
  • Bioluz, SL. will be responsible for any breach of the terms of this contract due to any cause that is to be subject to reasonable verification.
  • This contract is subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of Madrid.

8. Sales Policy

  • There is no express or implied warranty of any kind relating to this sale except as provided in the present document.
  • The exhibition of a sample or an image of the same will not lead to an express warranty that the totality of the goods shall conform to the sample or model. Any description of the goods sold shall not be considered as part of the basis for the negotiation and will not be considered as express warranty that the goods shall comply with the description.

8.1 There is no warranty of the productivity of the plant.

  • Bioluz, S.L. does its best to get the goods sold from genetically stable and reliable sources. However, experience shows that no known method there is to ensure the productivity of the plants sold as there can be undesirable features, which may not be detected in time to cut the yolk, or during the first growth. Undesirable Characteristics, including genetic disorders or other types, can be developed at any time, therefore, the selling part is exempt from any responsibility for performance and productivity.

8.2 The suitability of our product is the responsibility of the buyer..

  • There is warranty of suitability of the material supplied to a field or particular geographical location.
  • The final determination of the suitability of the materials for the use by the buyer is sole responsibility of buyer. The seller has no responsibility in connection with such suitability.
  • Bioluz is only responsible for the suitability of the plant for the case that there is technical report carried out by the company in this respect.

8.3 This document contains all of the terms of sale.

  • Buyer and seller acknowledge that this document is a complete and exclusive statement of all of the terms and conditions of this agreement for sale.

8.4 Compensation

  • The purchaser undertakes to indemnify and hold harmless the seller of legal actions by any party arising out of the use, possession, or resale of the goods.
  • The buyer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the seller from any legal action once the purchaser has resold or transmitted any of such goods to a third party not directly cited to this agreement or any action based in whole or in part, any warranty not expressly contained in writing in this agreement.
  • 3. Buyer agrees to indemnify the seller with the quantities delivered to account if operation is not take finally to term by the will of the buyer.

 8.5. Authenticity of variety

  • Bioluz, guarantees that the sold material is that ordered, committing to change this false material or refund the purchase price paid if it proves irrefutably.
  • The maximum limit of liability is the purchase price of the sold material.
  • The seller is not liable for the possible benefits or damages, direct or indirect therefore the buyer assumes all risk and liability for damage or injury to persons or properties of the purchaser or others arising from the use or possession of the goods sold under this contract.

  8.6 Rights of variety.

  • Some of the varieties sold through this web site may have intellectual property rights. Bioluz, S.L. reserves the right to claim in the future the amount demanded by the owner thereof if so happen in the future.

  8.7 Claims and returns.

  • Bioluz, SL. It undertakes to work together with customers to obtain a fair and rapid resolution of any complaints or discussion on goods sold.
  • Please send to Bioluz, SL. questions or comments regarding the product conditions when received by email to information or by letter to the address: BIOLUZ SL C/cedro, 9 28110 Algete (Madrid), and we will commit to answer and treat all of them.
  • We limit our merchandise return to a maximum of 3% of the total value of the contract. It will always be under due return of the death plants. Client would assume back sending of the product.

  8.8 Shipping costs.

  • Shipping costs arising from any purchase shall be borne entirely by the recipient of the request. However this amount will be advised in advance. By way of indication, by 2014-15 the rates are:

    Mainland shipping up to 15 kg.
    72 HR: 15 euros.
    Price VAT not included.