Why adopting a pistachio tree?

It is a unique opportunity offered by Bioluz, as a way of approaching agriculture and nature in a simple and economic way. For just €18 a quarter (all inclusive), you can adopt a pistachio tree.

Bioluz will take care of it throughout the year; During the winter, pruning tasks, during the spring shall ensure proper pollination, finally we will treat it as required to ensure the biggest and best production.

In harvest time you enjoy it directly, taking advantage of approx. 10kg of fresh pistachios picked up from your own tree.

 It's an opportunity only for individuals, families and groups of consumers, and to a limited extent.

1. When was the last time you had the opportunity to eat fruit directly from the tree?

It's a perfect plan for both, health and budget. You can visit your / s tree (s) and enjoy or learn from their care at any time of the year. At harvest time, you can spend a fun day in family, very close to Madrid, and take home fruit to share with family and friends.

2. Looking for a unique way to support a good cause?

Adopt a tree and let Bioluz harvest it and send you its fruits, or you take it to the market and then donating all or part of the profits obtained, to a non-profit NGO. You may decide to consume 100% of the harvest or only a part; you choose!.

3. Looking for a different gift?

This unique concept covers different options of possible experiences. An opportunity to discover the fun of a harvest, make delicious dried fruit and reward your inner gourmet, also throwing a hand to children with needs. An special gift for lovers of the countryside and nature.

4. Would you like a fun family experience?

There is something special to do with family members or friends, 2 hours from Madrid and with the option to take home a treasure to share. Why not gather a group and take a few pistachio trees?

5. Support local producers

As so many other agricultural sectors, the European pistachio is under threat from other produces. Most of the pistachio you can buy in the most frequent malls, comes from overseas countries. You can thus enjoy a dry fruit in our country with a small ecological carbon footprint. Adopt a tree is your chance to support a growing European industry.